SUP Yoga Retreat and Brunch - Noosa

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SUP Yoga Retreat and Brunch - Noosa

Yesterday Ash & Earth had the exciting opportunity to set up the picnic brunch for the lovely ladies partaking in @Yogakiss's SUP Yoga Retreat in Noosa (check out more of her upcoming retreats here). The attendees enjoyed a stunning day in Noosa Heads - relaxing, experience yoga on the beach and on a standup paddle board, enjoying a scrumptious organic picnic brunch - and went home feeling refreshed and renewed. 

We set up a picnic in the Noosa Woods - after some initial panic because the location we'd chosen was now closed in preparation for the Noosa Tri (gah!) - we relocated on the fly picked a new spot on the grass. Luckily - Kat is super balanced on the SUP (as you'd expect for a SUP Yogi!) and takes her phone with her so we were able to work out the new meeting place. 

Below is a quick outline of how we set up the picnic so you can copy to create your own luxury picnic zone wherever you like! 

Luxury Picnic DIY

The main feature was a long narrow pallet table. I found the regular sized pallets were just too wide to allow much room for seating around them, and on my third trip to Bunnings I finally struck gold with this narrow long pallet - which just fit in the car through the gap in the front seats! For those who don't happen upon such an amazing find, there are also narrow versions of regular length pallets too (although they're way less common) - 2 of these will get you roughly the same table (and having it in two smaller pieces would actually be easier for transport etc). Pallets at Bunnings are free so it's a great place to look for your next DIY project. They usually keep them outside somewhere near the trade/timber area - just ask. 

Next I needed to create a nice top for the table. I measured the pallet and found some marine ply (which is a little more expensive but up to being out in the weather - in case your picnic gets rained on/or if you want to store your table top outside). I later realised I had picked up two different thickness pieces (sigh, oh well...). But I used a 6mm and a 9mm - I think the 6mm is fine, best to keep it as light as possible for transport (you never know how far your picnic spot might end up being from the car!). I took the boards down to the cutting area and they cut them to size for me (I allowed 5mm extra in each direction over the pallet dimensions). I also grabbed some aqua deck sealer (Natural) to give the ply top a slightly glossier/finished touch (and I also needed to oil the deck, so that worked out well....). 

When I got it all home, I banged in the pointy nails under the pallet and removed some stray staples with pliers to make it all safe. I painted the visible parts of the pallet with some left over paint from the fence (Monument) - you could really use any colour you like. Because mine was a dark paint I only needed one coat (it doesn't need to be perfect). I then also only did one coat of the aqua deck too, but you could do the recommended two if you're less lazy. 

To set it all up you'll need: 

  1. blankets/throws to sit on 
  2. your painted pallet table base
  3. your ply table top
  4. some old jars/bottles as vases (soak them in water with some bicarb soda for 30 mins to remove the jar labels)
  5. some cuttings from the garden to pop in your vases
  6. cushions


  • candles (if it's windy it's pointless)
  • table runner/trays
  • hammock (if you can find a couple of trees to hang it from and you'll be there long enough to bother, why wouldn't you?)
  • magazines
  • portable speaker (I looove my Bose Mini Soundlink - it holds 7 hours charge)
  • basket to throw towels/thongs/whatever in
  • if you want to go the extra mile you could also bring some indoor palms in pots/baskets to define the corners of your picnic and to add foliage - for more formal gatherings

I'd love to see photos of your own luxury picnics, email them in or tag us on Insta! 


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