Mizu Insulated Bottle V8 Soft Touch Spearmint

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Why would you want to use a plastic bottle when you've got awesome products like these? The V8 bottle is perfect for everyday - 2-3 of these and you've hit your hydration target for the day. Also - it easily fits an entire bottle of wine - just sayin'. 

Capacity: 800ml

  • All Mizu double-wall vacuum insulated products have a thin copper lining, not inside the bottle, but on the interior chamber. This technology increases the thermal properties up to 20% over non-coated products.
  • Mizu uses only the finest 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel; it serves as the gold standard for reusable products, is easy to clean, has no toxins, no nasty linings, leaves no taste, is recyclable and lasts a lifetime.
  • Mizu products are built to last and endure the toughest of conditions. This is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects (please visit mizulife.com for the terms and conditions of this Lifetime Warranty).
  • Mizu donates 1% of its global sales revenue to Protecting Where We Play, a non-profit organization committed to providing free filtered water at the places we play. For more information visit protectingwhereweplay.org. 

In 2008, pro-snowboarder, Jussi Oksanen had a vision: to curate a line of reusable products with both function and design. Products for the creative, the style-focused, the never-say-no-to-an-adventure type. Products that could take the beating a professional athlete would throw their way and keep coming back for more. That, our friends, is how Mizu was born.

This product is made in China